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Made By Mav

Mav, Founder and Creator of Made By Mav Design Company, is a Rochester, NY native who grew up in a community lacking creative resources & outlets. From his passion for sneakers, architecture and industrial design, he launched a company in 2019 centered around Upcycling and adding something new to the scene of streetwear.


Through his love for thrifting vintage clothing, he learned the foundations of fashion. As he evolved, he began working with local businesses as a product designer. Mav continues to stay true to his roots by creating designs influenced by his childhood interests  and sneaker culture. The evolution of his designs displays his growth in making complete collections & themed commisssions.

As the design company has evolved, so has production and output. MadeByMav has become an urban staple in streetwear. With each piece growing more and more memorable as time has gone on, MadeByMav has cemented its place amongst various other local brands as a standout product in an evergrowing marketplace. 

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